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A New Member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise

From Loom to Hand - Why We #ChooseArtisan

From Guatemala and Nicaragua to Nepal and India, our artisans’ work to create beautiful and sustainable goods that spark creativity and help to build and maintain a positive livelihood. Aligning seamlessly with our goals, we are now thrilled to announce our membership with The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise!

This vibrant community of members and partners work together to tell the world the artisan sector matters. The artisan sector matters to our blanket weavers in Guatemala; it matters to loom makers in Nicaragua; it matters to cashmere producers in Nepal; it matters to their families and to their communities. The artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, and creates jobs and sustains livelihoods, especially for women. Worth over $32 billion every year, the diverse artisan economy also preserves cultural traditions and ancient techniques. We are thrilled and enthusiastic to help spread the word about this growing and unique community.

With our growing online store and new pop-up space in Reston Town Center, we are excited and eager to provide the community with one-of-a-kind handmade textiles and goods. We strive to establish sustainable markets to provide year round dependable sources of income for our partner families and cooperative. We support sustainable livelihoods that consider social and environmental impacts. We strive to empower those we work with through incorporating them in decision-making, building capacity and providing access to microcredit. We will continue to strive for growth while valuing three core elements; the individuals and communities we work with, the environment and resources we depend on, and the economic needs and livelihoods of those we work with.

Come along with us on this journey, get to know our artisans and see your impact as a #chooseartisan consumer by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.