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Preserving artisan traditions and improving livelihoods while providing high quality handmade textiles


We strive to establish through you sustainable markets to provide year round dependable sources of income for our partner families and cooperative. We support sustainable livelihoods that consider social and environmental impacts.  We strive to empower those we work with through incorporating them in decision making, building capacity and providing access to microcredit.  We will continue to strive for growth while valuing three core elements; the individuals and communities we work with, the environment and resources we depend on the the economic needs and livelihoods of those we work with.


Living Threads Co supports artisans by providing sustainable markets for handwoven textiles - blankets, throws table runners, placemats, napkins, scarves, shawls, etc.
I wanted to keep this art alive so I begun to teach my family, now we all work together and we are showing that Nicaragua is not only a poor country but that we produce beautiful things.
— Danelia "Abuela"

Living Threads Co mission and impact supporting artisans making handmade blankets, throws, scarves, shawls and more
We create beautiful products without any machines, electricity, or fuel using only our own energy and hands.
— Liliam
Living Threads Co triple bottom line impact - handmade textiles

I used to work outside of the home, long hours and for little money. Now I am able to work here, close to my family and with my children.
— Liliam